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Our Atlantic Canada Ant Control servicesl

If you’re struggling to remove ants from your home or business Best Pest Control can help.

While ants are not as destructive as certain other pests, they are often the most irritating. This is because it can seem almost impossible to get rid of these insects. Try as you might they will not leave your kitchen, no matter how often you clean or leave poison.

If you know what we’re talking about, then give Best Pest Control a call. We understand what it takes to truly get rid of ants and also keep them away permanently. Our trained technicians will take care of this problem with no mess or fuss whatsoever. We can remove ants in both residential and commercial properties in Atlantic Canada, and guarantee to remove 100% of the ants.

Why is Atlantic Canada ant control so difficult?l

What makes these insects so hard to get rid of is their size. Ants are also tough to remove because one of the facts about ants is that they are able to reproduce at a phenomenal rate. The ant queen can lay as many as 300,000 eggs in only a few days.

This means that no matter how many ants you kill, their numbers are constantly being replenished. These eggs take only three to four weeks to hatch and another four weeks to mature. When this process is complete ants leave the nest and begin to hunt for food.

In most cases this food source is your home or business. The reason why ants are able to find their way into your kitchen is because of their incredible sense of smell. They are able to detect the presence of sugar and grains from a great distance away. When these have been found, ants will begin to make their way towards the source. In addition to sugars and grains, ants can also feed on small insects. They will sometimes overwhelm these with their sheer numbers.

Ants are constantly scavenging for food. When it has been found they will leave signals for other ants to follow. These are known as ant trails and are made from pheromones. While some of these trails last for minutes the majority last for days. This is yet another reason why ants are so difficult to get rid of.

Where do ants live?l

Most ants choose to live outdoors. These pests build their nests in lawns and soft, dry soil and can also live in places like rotting wood. These colonies grow rapidly and can house as many as 100,000 ants.

The main goal of any ant colony is to protect the queen and provide a place for her to lay eggs. The ants you see in your kitchen are male ants who go out to hunt. Any food that is found will be brought back to the nest and fed to other ants. Female ants stay behind to care for the nest, the queen and also the larvae.

How we implement Atlantic Canada ant control

While ants are difficult to remove, pest control for Atlantic Canada ants is not impossible. That being said, controlling these pests is a complex task. Ants build their nests deep within the earth, leaving only to hunt. In order to kill these pests you have to get into the nest and kill the queen. Unless you can do that the ants will continue to reproduce and return over and over again.

Best Pest Control achieves this goal with ant bait. This is the most common method used when destroying ants. By making a thorough inspection of your property we can ascertain the most likely location of the nest.

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