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Our Atlantic Canada cockroach control services

Best Pest Control is a cockroach control company in Atlantic Canada. Our technicians have extensive experience when it comes to cockroach control. We can implement the most advanced cockroach removal methods and also make sure these pests never return. Cockroaches are some of the foulest pests which exist. If these bugs are in your home or business, you will want them removed as quickly as possible.

Fast, effective pest control for cockroaches

Cockroaches breed at a phenomenal rate. Within months you may have thousands infesting your property. They are also extremely difficult to get rid of it. To properly eliminate 100% of these bugs you have to remove their eggs and larvae as well. Because these are tiny and difficult to see they are often overlooked. For this reason cockroaches will come back again and again.

Here at Best Pest Control our Atlantic Canada believe that prevention is always better than cure. It’s important to stop cockroaches from being attracted to your home or business. To do this you need to keep your property clean. Your kitchen should be spotless and all food waste cleaned up immediately. Also store food in air tight containers. This is especially important if you’re running a business which involves food. Also clean in dark, hidden away places because these are the areas where cockroaches love to hide.

How to know if you need cockroach control

Are you really dealing with a cockroach infestation? These pests have certain characteristics which you should watch out for. Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal. You will very rarely see them during the day. This means you need to watch for signs of cockroaches, instead of relying on visual sightings.

One of the first places to look are crevices. Cockroaches have flat bodies and love to hide in crevices. They also enjoy living in damp, moist places like drains and sinks. Cockroaches will basically live anywhere that is damp and dark.

Another sign you should watch out for is a foul, almond-type scent. Once cockroaches have taken hold they produce this scent and it is unmistakable. The most obvious sign is defecation. Large numbers of cockroaches will leave behind piles of excrement. Their droppings are very tiny and measure about 1mm each. They are dark and look like large grains of sand or coffee grounds. If the area is damp they will also leave behind black smear marks.

More tell-tale signs of an infestation

These include egg casings and skin. Egg casings appear as a fragile type of capsule and their skin is similar. Finally, also look out for dead cockroaches.

The cockroaches life cycle has three distinct stages. These are the egg stage, nymph stage and then the adult bug. They move through these stages extremely quickly, usually in as little as 100 days. The speed at which they mature is determined by many outside factors. These include the temperature and what type of nutrition they have access

Cockroaches breed at an incredible pace. In ideal living conditions they can reproduce at an exponential rate. The lifespan of these pests averages about 3-6 months. They will also shed their skin between 5-7 times during their life.

What makes cockroaches so hard to get rid of is the fact that they eat anything. These bugs survive on any type of organic matter and will even eat hair, book binding and rotting food.

Why cockroach control in Atlantic Canada is crucial

At Best Pest Control we recommend that cockroaches are exterminated immediately. The reason why this is important is because cockroaches carry many deadly diseases. These diseases are a pest health and safety issue because they can easily be passed to humans.

Cockroaches also contaminate food. This is important to note if you’re running a restaurant or takeaway place. You do not want to develop a reputation for making people ill. Health inspectors are another reason why you need to keep your business free of cockroaches. If they discover these pests you may face serious fines. It’s even possible that your business could be shut down.

Best Pest Control can save you from this. We use the most technologically advanced and effective control techniques like heat treatment for cockroaches. Atlantic cockroach control is our specialty. We can immediately remove these pests and also prevent them from returning. Don’t wait until this problem overwhelms you. If you’ve spotted cockroaches call Best Pest Control immediately.

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