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While fleas are generally regarded as a problem which only affects animals, this isn’t actually true. It’s usually your cat or dog who has to deal with fleas. Unfortunately, these insects are just as capable of getting onto humans. The fact is that fleas can exist anywhere in the wild. This means that humans often carry them in from the outside. For example, if you’ve gone on a hike, or sat on the grass, fleas may have leaped onto your clothing.

Other pests, like rats, can also spread fleas. People who work with wild animals or have contact with pests like foxes may also become infested. If you’re constantly itching, then it’s possible that you could have fleas in your home. Anytime you experience difficulties with fleas call Best Pest Control immediately. Our technicians are trained in flea control and can take care of this problem right away.

The basics of flea control in Atlantic Canada

What makes fleas so insidious is their size, due to the fact that they are very hard to see. These insects measure only 1-3mm and are brown in colour. Their bodies are flat, which makes it easier for them to navigate their way through hair. This is another reason why they are so difficult to see and remove. One of the key characteristics of fleas is their incredible ability to jump. Fleas are classed as, “super-jumpers” and are able to leap more than 20cm into the air. In fact, these insects can jump further than any other creature on planet earth – in comparison to their size.

Another reason why fleas are able to move about so freely is because they can survive with almost no food. Fleas can live for almost a year without eating. Not only that, after eating only once the female flea can lay hundreds of eggs.

These eggs eventually fall off and hatch. If the eggs are laid on one of your pets, then these eggs will end up on your carpets or even your bedding. These larvae thrive in dark, humid areas such as your bed or where your pets sleep. They will grow to adult size in only four weeks and after feeding are able to reproduce immediately. Fleas can also live on humans without pets.

Why you should take flea control seriously

Flea control is extremely important. These pests leave bites on your body, they can also spread parasitic worms. These bugs will often infect your pets with tapeworms and these can eventually spread to you. They can also spread something known as flea borne disease and trigger allergic reactions in humans.bit

How we get started with flea control

There isn’t much that you can do to prevent fleas. With most pests, hygiene is the most effective preventative tool. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help with fleas. Of course, you should keep your home clean and vacuum as often as possible. If you’re having problems with fleas then it’s also a good idea to keep your bedding and clothing clean. One mistake people often make is vacuuming up fleas and then keeping the vacuum bag. Your vacuum cleaner should be cleaned and the bag thrown away. Unless you do this, the fleas will simply exit your vacuum cleaner.

Take advice from your vet about how to keep your pet flea-free. Also routinely inspect your pet for fleas. You should also check your carpets and rugs thoroughly. And wash your pet‘s bedding regularly. If you see signs of becoming overrun by fleas, give Best Pest Control a call. We have cutting edge methods of flea control at our disposal. This includes heat treatments for fleas.

Best Pest Control is a flea control expert

Fleas survive on blood and are not picky eaters. If they cannot find an animal host, they will quickly make their way elsewhere. If you find yourself itching and scratching, or have observed red bites but no sign of any bugs, you may have fleas. While there are many DIY treatments for fleas, these are not recommended.

Best Pest Control is a flea control company in Atlantic Canada. Our technicians can quickly solve this problem for you and remove the fleas, as well as their eggs and larvae. We use a variety of treatments including fumigation and heat treatments. Do not let this problem fester. If you’re having problems with fleas contact Best Pest Control immediately.


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