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Flies are some of the most disgusting pests which exist. These insects are attracted to any area where food available. They breed quickly and can quickly take over an area. If you run a restaurant or takeaway, fly control will be particularly important. Most restaurant owners are familiar with the sight of flies around their bins and are more than likely sick to death of this problem.

These pests are also particularly adept at spreading disease. This is why flies in your restaurant can become a serious problem. The last thing you want is patrons noticing these pests buzzing around. If this happens, they will not be impressed!

Best Pest Control are Atlantic Canada’s top pest experts when it comes to fly control. We employ a wide variety of methodologies and technologies for fly control. We can eliminate your fly issue almost immediately. If you’re sick to the stomach of the sight of flies, do not wait another moment and call us today.

The importance of Atlantic Canada fly control

What makes flies particularly disgusting is there biology. The common house fly is 8-10mm long and has a wingspan of 16mm. They are easy to identify and are usually grey or black with bright shaded areas. The reason why flies can are able to quickly infest an area is because they reproduce at a furious speed. During their short lifespan the female can produce more than 10,000 eggs. These eggs are able to mature and hatch within a day.

Mature flies live for about two weeks and are able to mate almost immediately. The speed at which flies mature is dependent on a variety of factors. These include the type and amount of food in their environment and also the temperature. This is often the reason why flies are attracted to warm, humid kitchens. Kitchens provide them with heat, a place to shelter and also large volumes of food.

It’s critical that you take care of fly problems quickly. Remember, female flies lay thousands of eggs. One fly can quickly turn into hundreds in no time at all. We’re often called in by restaurant staff who open up the kitchen only to find thousands of maggots wriggling across the floor.

Keeping flies out of your kitchen

Restaurant owners should be particularly concerned with avoiding flies in their kitchens. Your first line of defence is hygiene. In order to keep flies out, you have to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Clean every surface constantly and make sure that all food is packed away in sealed containers. Another critical area is your bins. All bins should be sealed and rubbish removed as quickly as possible. Do not leave open rubbish outside as this will attract flies in almost no time at all. These will eventually find their way into your kitchen and are very difficult to get rid of.

Farmers may also have problems with flies. This is generally when the leave manure out in the open. To prevent this all manure should be sealed away if possible, as this provides an ideal breeding ground for flies.

Effective pest control for Atlantic Canada flies

As previously mentioned flies are capable of spreading disease. In fact, did you know that flies spread more than 60 deadly diseases? This is mostly because they breed in rotting matter and also feaces.

Some of these diseases include intestinal worm eggs. They can also spread tuberculosis, typhoid fever, cholera, conjunctivitis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and also salmonellosis. But the worst thing about flies is that they feed by regurgitating stomach acid onto food in order to liquefy it. This means that any bacteria in their stomach is transferred onto whatever they are eating. What’s more, this bacteria is also transferred wherever they defecate. The bottom line is that no home or food related business should tolerate a fly problem.

Fly control that actually works

There are a wide variety of products which can help with fly control. These include fans, glue strips, bait traps and more. While these products will sometimes work, they are often hit or miss. It’s far easier to call in a professional. Our methods actually work. Not only that, they work the first time.

Best Pest Control is a fly control company in Atlantic Canada. We can help with any type of fly problem, no matter how out of control it is. Remember, this problem is a lot more serious than people think it is. Flies spread deadly diseases and are more than capable of shutting your restaurant down. Don’t let this problem get out of hand! Find out more about Best Pest Control and contact us today.

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