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Our Atlantic Canada rat control services

Looking for fast, affordable rat control in Atlantic Canada? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Best Pest control we have a wide range of options for exterminating rats. We pride ourselves on our ability to eliminate rats in your home or business. Not only that, we aim to make sure they never come back.

Why is rat control so important?

Rats are a serious issue in Atlantic Canada. The city is literally heaving with rodents and the duties of a Atlantic Canada rat catcher are never done. These pests are constantly trying to invade homes and businesses. You cannot allow this to happen. Rats are able to cause significant damage and also spread disease.

At Best Pest Control we employ the latest cutting edge techniques for dealing with rats and rodents. From poison to bait stations, traps and even rat proofing. When you contact us we will make a thorough inspection of your home or business.

Our technicians will then give you an in-depth report and determine the most effective ways to handle your rat problem. Whether this is tamper proof bait stations or poison. Our technicians can also advise you on how to keep your property hygienic so that rats are no longer attracted.

Is it rats you are dealing with?

It’s important to determine if you actually have a rat infestation. Rats come in various shades but are mostly brown or grey. They usually have a lighter underside. Their tails are generally shorter than their body. Rats also have an incredible sense of smell and taste. This helps them in their search for food and to avoid poison.

Rats are omnivores and will literally eat anything, which is why they can easily survive in any environment. Another reason why rats can become such a problem is because they breed extremely quickly. They have litters comprised of eight to ten babies and are able to produce six of these litters a year. Not only that, they reach maturity in around three months.

If you’re dealing with rats, you will see the following signs: holes and damage, gnaw marks, tracks and smears, urine, droppings, dead carcasses and also nests. One of the biggest and most obvious signs is noise. You may hear noises in your roof, attic or in the walls. You might also see rats in your garden, either in the daytime or at night.

What can Best Pest Control do for you?

At Best Pest Control our skilled technicians have decades of experience between them. They have dealt with every type of pest situation that exists and are able to quickly remove vermin. Pest control for Atlantic Canada rats is not something you want to do yourself.

While you may be tempted to use DIY solutions, it is better to call in a professional. With Best Pest Control, this problem can be taken care of faster and more effectively. The bottom line is that rats can seriously impact your life. They are deeply unpleasant animals who spread filth and disease. Rats can also contaminate and destroy food.

Rat control in Atlantic Canada is best done quickly

Don’t wait until it’s too late and the rats have taken hold in your home or business. Rats cause damage wherever they are. Like squirrels and Atlantic Canada mice, rats gnaw on everything including power cables, which can lead to electrical fires and even power cuts. Rats have been known to damage roofs, boilers and even production areas. This is why it’s important to monitor all areas of your business, not only high traffic areas.

What’s more, rats are also major disease carriers. These pests carry dozens of diseases, which can become a serious problem. Especially if you are running any type of business related to food. The last thing you want is sick customers. Atlantic Canada sewer rats can also bring the health inspectors to your door. This can result in enormous fines that could put you out of business.

Similar to mouse control problems, the longer you wait to deal with rats the greater the damage will be. You must be vigilant and contact an exterminator as soon as you detect the presence of rats. Even if you are not dealing with rats right now, remember that prevention is the best cure. Best Pest control is a professional rat control company in Atlantic Canada. We can deal with your rodent infestation quickly and efficiently. Do not hesitate to contact us today for fast, friendly service.


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